The Specifications and Features of the Android Tablet

It is difficult to define all of the specification and features of the android tablet because there are so many of them. Android tablets are really nothing more than very specialized computers. Most android tablets contain a minimum of one camera, an FM tuner, a Bluetooth microchip, a Wi Fi antenna and possibly a cellular antenna, a GPS receiver, sensors including light sensors, a compass, and accelerometers, speakers and a sound processor, a graphics processor, a battery, a storage microchip and possibly a slot for extra storage, memory microchips, and a central processing unit (CPU) that is usually under clocker to reduce heat.

Some specific Android tablets may lack some components or have other components on this list.

A version of Google’s mobile operating system is run of all best android 4.0 tablet. Most of the latest Android tablets feature Android 3.0 also known as Honeycomb. Some of the older android tablets might still be using the operating system that Google originally designed for smartphones. There are still some Android tablets that are Android 1.5 which is also known as Cupcake. Some of the older versions of the Android operating systems might not have the capability to run some Android applications. The less the number of applications that will be able to run without having some problems the older the Android operating system is. Most Android tablets run a version of Android between Honeycomb and Cupcake.

All versions of Android use foundations that are the same. The Android operating system can be visualized as many different layers. This is known as a software stack by computer engineers. When the user is interacting with the operating system, the elements at the top of the stack are what the user will see. The part of the operating system that interfaces directly with the Android tablet’s hardware is at the bottom of the software stack.

The hardware at the bottom is where the Android’s software stack starts. These are the physical components that the best cheap android tablet is comprised from such as the circuit boards, wires, sensors, and microprocessors. The kernel rests on top of this layer. An operating system kernel is sometimes referred to as firmware. This is the software that manages, controls, and allocates the hardware resources which enables the Android tablet to do what you tell it to do. The Android kernel was modeled after Linux 2.6 by Google. Linux 2.6 is an open source operating system.

The Android’s libraries are on top of the kernel. These libraries in the Android tablet are collections of instructions the Android tablet follows when it’s processing different kinds of information. The Android virtual machine is located on the same layer as the libraries. This software will create a virtual operating environment. It has its own operating system and will act the same as a physical device. This layer was designed by Google so that each application on the Android tablet will run as only one process. Everything else will remain unaffected if a process should happen to crash while you are in the middle of it. This virtual machine will also act as a manager for memory.

The application framework is the next layer up. This is the foundation for all the applications on your android tablets 2012. The application framework acts as a liaison between the rest of the operating system and thee Android applications. The Android application programming interface (API is what Google uses to define the guidance to build these applications that interact within this layer. Developers don’t have to worry about the specifications for the hardware for each Android tablet and only have to learn the rules that are provided in the API.

The top layer includes all of the applications and the user interface on the wholesale android tablets. Although there is a tremendous amount of code underneath this layer of flashy animation, this is the part of the operating system the average user.

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