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Process a Lesson by a China electronics wholesale Tablet How to manufacture a course with a different China Electronics Wholesale touch pad does a conventional preparation? How does the renewal and the questioning of his pedagogy can they be fun for the teacher and students? This is what we will explain Fabien Vergez Desaix college at Tarbes during a FabCamp, making workshop courses using the University's Digital Summer Ludovia.

A classic journey

Preparing a course with a touch pad does not differ in the outline of a classical education. Compliance program, the objectives in terms of capabilities, concepts, thinking about the speech of the teacher, student activities, time management ... are cross-cutting issues. However, some points will be treated differently, both in presentation and in the implementation. A status of different document The document is an important history and geography. His choice to China wholesale electronics talbet will obviously differ depending on the medium of presentation. By working from a choice of digital induces considerably wider than a limitation to simple paper manual. On the other hand the fact that students have a touch pad induces a reflection on new aspects such as quality of document resolution. Taking the example of a course on the taxation of Republicans in the nineteenth symbols (class of fourth in the chapter on the political evolution of France from 1815 to 1914), the work done to on a document in high resolution ( see document ) zooms, appreciate the details, a dialogue on issues that remain completely invisible in a manual or a photocopy. The discourse of the teacher is modified and is enriched. Work on other digital documents induces reflection on the rights associated with the use of the document, the mode of transmission of the document to the student (one does not work the same way with a video projected with a paper on the shelf of the student). Different activities and differentiated work with cheap Tablet PC provides students an activity not otherwise work on the document itself.

On a visual document, it becomes possible to zoom, annotate, extract, surround ... The report to the document becomes more pleasant for the student who remains remote document, does not work around but picked up the document itself to appropriate it and grasp its significance. Pleasure also comes the ability to a student succeed. The work digitally and with a touch pad can differentiate tasks to do. And through the text book of ENT it is possible to provide different types of questionnaires. The provision of documents may be different depending on the students who will work on a document adapted. Pleasure to share and build a multi reasoning can intervene. Another great thing is my release from individual activity of each student through the tablet and the possibility of exploiting his work by projecting it on the TNI class. cheap electronics online

Pleasure and added value during the construction of a tablet with an enriched preparation of the deed by diversifying cheap tablet pc for kids sources, activities, multiplying and interactions with students. However, we must guard against believing that the shelves are each time a guarantee of success. It is in the thoroughness of preparation, the enthusiasm of the teacher may have to pass the renewal activities that many things are played. shelves However, their practicality making available documents, the variety of activities, the opportunity for students to enrich their knowledge independently, are elements of motivation and fun for the student. For the teacher does to prepare his lessons with a new tool is both a challenge but induced a renewal of pedagogy, a source of pleasure.

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